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find your individual clothing fitSizeCharter can help you find more than your perfect fit — these fashion and style tips will help you find the most flattering clothing. The world of fashion is filled with variety and there are looks to beautifully adorn everyone, no matter your age, size, gender  or style preferences.  Need talls or petites? We can help you find them. Having trouble finding designer jeans to fit a plus size profile?  We’ve scoured the stores looking for jeans that really fit curvy girls. The same cuts don’t look good on everyone. Real people aren’t made from cookie cutters, and neither are our tips!

SizeCharter can help you find the looks that will emphasize your assets while matching your unique sense of self. In addition to style advice, SizeCharter has shopping guides to help you get the finds of the season. Learn which lines carry classics vs. trendy pieces, who has high style for bargain prices, and where you can find the items that best fit your proportions.

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4 Surprising Things You Might Not Know About "Plus" Sizes

4 Surprising Things You Might Not Know About “Plus” Sizes













clothing size infographic

Why Can’t I Find the Right Clothing Size Infographic








rachel zoe quote

Style Meme














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    1. Thank you, I am glad you are finding the site useful. We are frequently adding new brands, so feel free to check back often!

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